Friday, 16 January 2015

Portfolios Bits

In an earlier post I talked about a prototype academic sound design portfolio that has been implemented using Mahara.  Therefore, I thought it would be useful to tie this prototype back to the post that I wrote on the realisation of sound design portfolios.  Please note that I did not choose to use Mahara for any kind of performance reason, but rather this is the package that my institution has purchased as a portfolio platform.  Below is an image capture of the prototype and I have highlighted key elements of the portfolio.

These can then be linked back and reviewed against the components identified when considering the realisation requirements of the portfolios:
  1. Embedding audio content from SoundCloud allows the audio to be hosted with text detailed that can also be embedded. Using Soundcloud also allows comments to be left at specific points on the audio timeline.
  2. Blogging can be used form many different aspects of the portfolio, including: Personal Development Plan (PDP), planning, reporting, analysis and evaluation
  3. Mahara fully support Web 2.0 services which allow content hosted on other web-sites to be fully integrated into the portfolios.  This not only allows audio content (via SoundCloud) to be embedded, but also other media, such as videos, scores, photos, scripts, showreels, animations, sound installations, etc.
  4. Reflection
  5. RRS feed from online forums
  6. Social media

As I mentioned in my last post, I have built a prototype academic sound design portfolio using Mahara


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